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of the car in san francisco and that's when police shot one of the men several times. killing him. it is unclear if that was the passenger or the driver. police are not saying at this point whether the man who was shot had a weapon. >> can you tell me if the person who was killed was armed? >> i can't say exactly if that person was armed or not. just too early in the investigation. >> too early in the investigation to say exactly what happened. >> now, the second man who was inside that car was taken into custody by police. no officers were shot during all of this. but at least one officer did sustain some minor injuries. in fact the car that the two men were inside actually rolled into a police car. and hit that police car. now, as we bring you back out live to the picture, san francisco homicide investigators are out here still gathering evidence. they will be working with the district attorney's office to piece together this deadly police shooting. we also did this morning put in a call to daily city police for a comment on what took place here since their department was involv
people were injured over night in a shooting in san francisco's western edition neighborhood. it happened around 12:30 this morning on fell and pierce streets just a block from alamo square. it appears the occupants of one car fired on another vehicle. both have nonlife threatening injuries >>> drug sniffing dogs will be patrolling middle and high schools. they have dogs that can sniff out illegal and prescription drugs as well as alcohol on campus. budget cuts forced schools to stop using the dogs in 2007 but the dublin school board voted to bring them back last year. >>> san jose police are looking for two men that are suspected of robbing people leaving a light rail station. janine de la vega is at station with a look at the video police are hoping will lead them to the suspects. >> reporter: the second incident in the last couple of months where victims have been followed off of a light rail station and robbed in neighborhood. the first one happened on ray street but the latest involved a light rail station and happened in the evening
to curve gun violence. ktvu's david stevenson is live in san francisco where their pain is still very raw. >> reporter: that's right. parents of the sandy hook elementary school children met here with leaders to encourage innovative new ways to stop gun violence. >> we are devastated. >> reporter: their stories brought the audience to tears. >> i held his little hand as we walked to the bus, i kissed him good-bye. for, as you know, the last time. >> reporter: they are the parents of three children that were among the 26 people killed in the massacre at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. >> three months after his death and i am still in a state of shock. i am determined to honor him and the others lost by dedicating myself to save other lives. >> reporter: they veined investors to launch -- joined investors to launch the initiative. in technology that will help curve gun violence, school safety and mental health analysis. >> if the tech community can create awesome companies like google, facebook and twitter we can turn our attention to innovating around safety. >> reporter: they
are live in san francisco where a car plows into a house in the hunters point neighborhood. we will tell you what the victims here are saying about this experience. >>> we're live in san jose where police need your help in solving a robbery. we'll show you the video of men who were targeting people on a light rail. >>> and the fog is the story this morning. find out which bay area bridge has the thickest fog. >>> and threats of settling accounts with the u.s.. the new warning from north korea this morning. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday, good friday march 29th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm brian flores in for dave clark. let's get a quick check on the weather and traffic. steve it's a little humid today? >> it definitely was yesterday afternoon. >> yeah no doubt. fog is with us coast and bay. some areas inland are clear, clear. inland temperatures will warm up. tomorrow everything starts to fall apart but today watch out for that fog. here is sal. >>> steve, the san mateo bridge looks good. the fog hasn't reached it yet. you and i have been doing this long
with that story, including why the archbishop of san francisco thinks the name the pope picked is significant here. >> ken? we apologize for the difficulties. mike mibach said the conclave was quick. conclaves used to drag on for weeks and months. the longest was from november to september. it took a long time to select the pope because of infighting among those who were given the decision. after three days by the way the cardinals would only get one meal a day. after five days just bread and water. again today's announcement of a new pope is historic. let's go back to ktvu's mike mibach for how it world received the news. >> reporter: the sign of the white smoke ignited a chilling roar from those in vatican city. >> there is a great deal of emotion. [ cheers and applause ] >> the bells of st. peters basilica started ringing. some started prayering. [ music playing ] [ singing ]. >> reporter: at 8:15 p.m. pope francis i emerged from the balcony. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: cardinal jorge mario bergoglio from argentina becomes the first pope from south america, first pope to name himself
>>> a san francisco nightclub where shots are fired. we'll tell you what club goers believe started the violence. >>> and what was discovered outside the building that has investigators looking closely at the case. >>> plus, a 75-foot tree comes crashing down on a home in the east bay in the middle of the night. we'll show you the damage it left behind. >>> good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm mike mibach. i'm claudine wong. let's check in with rosemary to see how the day is going to shape up. >> it is going to be a beautiful day. we are looking at temperatures within a few degrees of freezing. i will bring you the current temperatures in a few moments. mostly sunny. temperatures will rebound and feel pretty good for the afternoon. in the extended forecast, notable changes, and it includes the possibility of wet weather. >>> we begin with developing news out of san francisco. patrs at a nightclub are describing the chaos after someone opened fire this morning. alex savage is live near the nightclub not far from at&t ballpark. >> reporter: good morning. club goers tell me this
is the national day to demand action, a bay area group is planning to rally outside the san francisco office of senator feinstein this morning in support of her efforts to pass legislation against gun violence. more than 100 events are landed across the country. the obama administration says that it is not giving up on an assault weapons behalf although senate majority leader harry reid says there are not enough votes to support it. >> the concord city council is banning residents from growing marijuana if their yards, after discussing and debating the ban. it amends the city code to prohibit all outdoor marijuana growing even for medical purposes. the ordinance was models after the ban adopted in 50 other cities and counties around the state that outlaud or limit cultivation. >> dog sniffing dogs will visit schools starting in may. officials approved a program to test whether using dogs to detect drugs and other contraband can make campuses safer and keep kids in school. the santa cruz sentinel says drug sniffing dogs will be deployed at new school, and academic vocational charter institute
the cliff with family members. >>> in san francisco, a 68-year- old woman has died after she was struck by a car after crossing the street with her husband. tanya mathis was killed yesterday. her husband suffered a minor injury to his leg. this case is in the hands of district attorneys. >>> officials are urging 7,000 dental patients to get tested for hiv, hepatitis b and hepatitis c. they are all patients of scott harrison. an investigation began after one of his patients was found positive for hepatitis c and hiv. >>> according to the building in charge, the new restaurant will mix a craft man style with elements from a japanese shrine. he said it would open in a few months if all goes well. the famous restaurant was damaged during an early morning fire back on march 8. reconstruction is expected to start in about two weeks. >>> social media helps reunite a camera with its owner years after it was lost. >>> plus a new pope breaks with tradition. how he performed a holy thursday ritual like never before. >> some convention visitors to visitors coming into the city for a big gain. the s
seeing some 70's dominating this area. in places like san francisco. as we put this into motion gradually 70's. and the orange is indicating where we could see 60s. by 8:00 p.m. tonight, we are back into the fifties with cloudy conditions. the afternoon highs specifically in your neighborhood. fairfield, 66. the satellite and radar showing most of the showers have moved out of the area. as for go for the weekend we to have changes to talk about. with wet weather returning to the folk forecast. again isolated showers and it looks like we will continue to see showers on easter morning harley cloudy conditions you could still need your umbrella on monday. that batch of wet weather continues for next thursday. also we're taking a look fog that dense fog advisory has been hit by east and also to 11 minutes to cross the bridge to the golden gate. no issues to report. the drive time from hercules is 11 minutes the same for the north bay problem-free through the north bay. we continue to monitor this from the tropics center. >> thank janu. >> police are offering a 25- thousand - dollar reward. in
to the beautification of san francisco. they, too, have been involved as a partner with dpw going on 10 years. they have supported the community clean team. the students and faculty come every month in large numbers to plant trees, pick up litter on the streets, and abate graffiti. and in addition to that, the academy adopted 16 city blocks in the city whereby our cap a sigma fraternity go out there every other weekend to abate graffiti. * and i was hoping that they were supposed to be here, but i told them to be here at 4:15 to accept their award. but they're not here yet and that's too bad because i wanted you guys to meet them because they are a bunch of great, great young men who really cares for the city. they're not doing it to get paid. they're not getting paid, by the way, they're not getting an extra grade for doing it. they do it because these are the new crop of young generation who cares. they love their city. they love their government. and they want to give back to our city, to give back to our country. so, hooray for them and thank you for coming. (applause) >> caitlin young. >> i didn't
at the bay bridge and city of san francisco in the backdrop. most of us waking up with mostly clear skies, little bit of patchy fog and over the south bay and areas of mountain view i'm seeing a few low clouds and the low cloud deck over san jose. mostly cloudy. in the 30s to 40s. once again. 37 in santa rose a.38napa. i want to point out this is slightly warmer than where we were 24 hours ago. though it's a cold start we are about like where we were friday. if you were out early you know what to expect. 37 in walnut creek. widespread 40s, 46 san francisco, 43 in areas around haywood. 38 san ramone. again we will start now to see the temperatures slowly turn around over the next two hours and then into the afternoon a nice warm up in store. here is the forecast. picking up just a little bit of high cloud cover around are the bay area, san jose reporting mostly cloudy by ten its clearing out. even the coastline looks mostly clear for your saturday afternoon. temperatures will be a few degrees above yesterday afternoon highs. pacific satellite view the system that brought the little bit of
will pick up later. it has some rain in it. but not until tuesday afternoon. san francisco which was 63 yesterday. we'll go 62 for a high. starting off mostly sunny. we'll see mostly cloudy skies by this afternoon and then cloudy by this evening. temperatures with more of a westerly breeze. 40s on the temperatures. one upper 30. that's santa rosa. antioch, 44, livermore, san jose, redwood city, san rafael. san rafael seems to be stuck at 44. there's your break in the clouds right now. but they will continue to roll in later this afternoon leading to rain by tuesday afternoon. highs today, 60s into -- some low 70s. tomorrow that system comes in. it looks like that rain will carry us into wednesday. and 60s and 70s. no system behind this one. it's one system and out of here. clearing takes place on thursday and right now temperatures look like they will rebound as they head into the upcoming weekend. >>> 7:26. tomorrow, the new pope will be officially inaugurated. we'll bring you a live report from rome and have all of the new details about that ce
to an overnight shooting that left a man from san francisco dead. police say the victim was driving an aston martin in the old town neighborhood at 3:00 this morning when someone in another car shot at him. the victim drove a few more block where's he apparently got out of the car and collapsed. that's a dpu few blocks from the oakland police headquarters. >>> people in the coastal town of santa cruz are paying tribute to the officers killed in the line of duty last week. people signed up for an 18-mile memorial bike ride. in a community still reeling from the killings it's one of the many local tributes to honor baker and butler. >> everybody came together for, you know, for one reason and it's to honor those who serve and those who have been lost, you know, while serving. >> one of the things that as a community we need to do is show our appreciation and this is a great way to bring people together. in order to do that -- >> a giant card in honor of the fallen officers was on display at the starting point. >>> new details on the victims of a horrific car crash in daly city. three people ar
beginning to beef up right now at the coast and right through san francisco. you can see it here in downtown. like to call that dragon tail fog. compressing the fog but that will be expanding for tomorrow morning. widespread cloud cover here for everyone, 8:00 a.m. on your saturday. a nice morning to sleep in, get some coffee. by the noon hour the best chance by the bay and also at the coastline and then through the afternoon on saturday, everyone looking at a chance for showers, temperatures cooling off into the 60s to right about 70 degrees so a quick look at our sunday forecast for easter. we do expect periods of lafl. rainfall. a lot of this rain will come in in con 0 second tiff ways. the chance of showers across the bay and we may get a few thunderstorms out of this with some of the instability in the atmosphere. on your three-day forecast, rain for this week. a lingering shower. and i wanted to bring in good news, no airport delays not only at sfo even with the cloud cover but at any of the major airports if you're leaving for the airport right now, this is a gift from me to you. enjo
. the back of does not return to downtown san francisco yet, at least that is good news. it is a potential hot spot for 1 01 southbound. >> the time is 7:02 a.m.. a one-year-old boy is recovering this morning after being struck by gunfire. he is at children's hospital in oakland. kron 4 will tran is following the progress. >> while the boy is in the inside for covering the police are still searching for the suspect. here is video only on kron 4 news. they believe that the shooter was " after a bicyclist and from the home and several shots were fired that pierced the window of the home and it either hit the child in the neck or it block off some fragments. nonetheless, he was rushed to children's hospital at serious conditions but now he is in stable condition. the bicyclist was also struck and it would like to talk to this person to see what he might know about the situation. the grandfather was a feeding the baby at the time and this is what he had to say. >> for the shooter, whoever he is. i hope that god forgives them. i hope that he stops what he is doing. all these shootings just have
-year-old san francisco man shot with multiple gunshot wounds. his identity is not being released. >> the search for a missing east bay woman. she's been missing since thursday. she's 31 years old, 5'3" weighing 220 pounds. she was last seen walking on 34th and telegraph on oakland. she's been having a tough time since her husband died last year. a $1,000 reward is offered for her safe return. anyone with information, call the oakland police department. >>> an under cover operation led to six women under prostitution charges. cops met the women at various motels. they were arrested. the suspects from from oakland, san jose and vallejo. their ages range from 18 to 46. >>> three people dead and one fighting for her death. it happened on the 100 block of eastmoor avenue. monty francis is there with an update on the investigation. >> good evening. we are told by a family friend the three people killed are all part of the same family, a mother and her two sons, ages 16 and 23. the fourth person in the car is a girlfriend of one of the sons. she's listed in critical condition. there's a
afternoon. san francisco which was 63 yesterday. we'll go 62 for a high. starting off mostly sunny. we'll see mostly cloudy skies by this afternoon and then cloudy by this evening. temperatures with more of a westerly breeze. 40s on the temperatures. one upper 30. that's santa rosa. antioch, 44, livermore, san jose, redwood city, san rafael. san rafael seems to be stuck at 44. there's your break in the clouds right now. but they will continue to roll in later this afternoon leading to rain by tuesday afternoon. highs today, 60s into -- some low 70s. tomorrow that system comes in. it looks like that rain will carry us into wednesday. and 60s and 70s. no system behind this one. it's one system and out of here. clearing takes place on thursday and right now temperatures look like they will rebound as they head into the upcoming weekend. >>> 7:26. tomorrow, the new pope will be officially inaugurated. we'll bring you a live report from rome and have all of the new details about that ceremony. >>> and we're live here in san francisco where unhappy bay area postal workers plan on protesting
investigation. >> reporter: good morning. san francisco police say that the victim just underwent emergency surgery. you can see out here right now crime scene investigators are looking for evidence. there are yellow evidence markers on the ground out there. on the eastside of brian street between 24th and 25th street in the mission district. this is what it looked like when we first got here. i talked to an officer who said a man was walking down the sidewalk around three when someone walked up and shot him. the victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. the shooter got into a car and took off. there is no description of the suspect or the vehicle at this time. most neighbors were asleep and wake up to the sounds of gun fire. one of them called the police. back out here live you can see at this point brian is shut down between 24th and 25th street. i talked to the detective who said that he still is unsure when the streets will reopen. reporting live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2news. >> united states park police are investigating a shooting near a popular tourist attracti
will be holding service. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the san francisco entertainment commission has shut down a nightclub near at&t park after a shooting rampage left three people wound. alex savidge tells us that the shooting sent patrons diving for cover. >> reporter: the gunfire broke out this morning at a nightclub in san francisco's south of market. >> everybody was down everyone were screaming and people running in and out and blood on the floor and in the club, broken glasses. people falling and getting stepped on. >> reporter: witnesses say it started with an argument inside the 330 rich club, when one man pulled a gun and fired. brittany williams ran outside behind a car to avoid being shot. >> there was a girl behind me asking me what to do and hi no idea, just stay behind this car. >> reporter: three men were shot, all from the east bay. and police expect those victims to survive. after the initial gunfire inside the nightclub, this dispute spilled out into the street, where more shut shotses were fired and what police described to mes a rolling gunbattle continueded to
. >>> a new proposal was introduced today. mark leno draft add bill that would require both san francisco and san mateo counties to pass a resolution before a gun show could be held at the cal palace or another county venue. t this isn't the first attempt. then governor sthaeg schwarzenegger vetoed a similar b ban. >>> san jose mayor chuck reid says improving public safety is a top priority as his city's finances improve. he released his march budget message n. it he explained what he wants to do with the limited amount of new funding available in the upcoming budget cycle. among his recommendation, he wants to increase the number of police officers and firefighters on 0 the streets. reid is also recommending pay increases for veteran police officers to keep them on the force. >>> it's considered a landmark for fans of california cuisine but tonight is close. the famed berkeley restaurant that is owned by legendary chef alice waters whose fans include foodies, famed olympians and even the first lady of the united states. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez spoke with the chef today about the da
postal forum in san francisco today. many are upset about the postal service letting go of jobs and even closing post offices. ktvu's brian flores is outside one of the historic post offices slated to close with both sides of the controversy. good afternoon brian. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. many postal workers say they are upset because their livelihoods are in danger, not only their jobs or pay may be reduced but historical post offices may close. meantime postal officials have attended the conference to generate new business despite paying millions of dollars to attend. >> but it must say important. >> speaking in front of hundreds of postal vendors, postmaster general patrick donahoe is looking toward technology to lead the postal service in the future. >> we think there is still plenty of growth opportunities because it's the most direct way to reach a customers eyes. >> for the next few days the usps will take part in an annual conference called the national postal forum. it's a group of businesses and vendors associated with mail
's in san francisco tonight and tomorrow night. the series will then switch to the oakland colisieum on saturday afternoon. giants start the season on monday taking on the dodgers in los angeles. the a's will be at home hosting seattle on monday night. >> fans can delight in some new food at at&t ball park. wayne gives us a taste of some of the new additions. >> a sign of the promises season: arrival of heavy metal on wheels, cars shipped in from spring training and the field that makes you hungry for something like this? it is a sushi burrito. a tasty sushi burrito. >> in fact, most everyone here was eating as the world series champions put out a world-class spread of major league food. all kinds. do you remember how the giants accidentally spilled so much of the mum duffle the championship run? it is here and available this season. the for stuff is $140 a bottle. they ored us some. we are not allowed to bring it on television, that is fcc law, did you know that? >> it smells good. >> absolutely. >> look at her. taste good too. didn't see a thing, did new. >> no. >> also, red and wh
blocked until 5:00 a.m. >> new overnight a gun battle left one person injured at a san francisco intersection of oak and scott street. police say two vehicles were shooting at each other. one of the cars ended up to front of san francisco general hospital. a man inside the car was taken to the hospital and he was shot in the arm. police are looking for the other involved car. >> three people are in critical condition after a violent head on collision in richmond. at 8:00 on 37th street a car crashed into a pickup truck. the truck flipped. at left one driver was speeding. a woman was ejected from the sports car and is clinging to life. one of three in the pickup is in critical condition. police are investigating whether speed was a major factor. >> 23-year-old man is accused of robbing the same bang -- bank for a second time in two months. an employee recognized the suspect when he walked in. high is suspected of robbing the same branch in february the he was arrested on highway 101. >> law enforcement agencies have help in alameda testing rape kits that can sit for too long. a r
and san francisco county supervisors before a gun show could go on. >> if elected officials from this neighborhood from the adjoining counties would like a gun show, they have the right to express that and if they don't want it, they should have the right not only to express it but be heard. that's all this bill does. >> reporter: currently, firearms and ammunition can be sold there without any local input. the main concern is safety. in the last six months, within two miles of the cow palace, there have been 75 gun related crimes. the venue is across from the sunnyvale housing project and the bayview. also near visitacion valley and the mission. some people who live in nearby neighborhoods say this bill is a matter of life or death. >> this gun shop bullet came at me. >> reporter: he was shot a couple of weeks ago while speaking out against guns. he has a violence prevention and youth leadership program. >> ain't no room for assault weapons on the streets. there ain't no room. you have people over here selling guns. what about investing in
of the national postal forum in san francisco today. many are upset about the postal service letting go of jobs and even closing post offices. ktvu's brian flores is outside one of the historic post offices slated to close with both sides of the controversy. good afternoon brian. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. many postal workers say they are upset because their livelihoods are in danger, not only their jobs or pay may be reduced but historical post offices may close. meantime postal officials have attended the conference to generate new business despite paying millions of dollars to attend. >> but it must say important. >> speaking in front of hundreds of postal vendors, postmaster general patrick donahoe is looking toward technology to lead the postal service in the future. >> we think there is still plenty of growth opportunities because it's the most direct way to reach a customers eyes. >> for the next few days the usps will take part in an annual conference called the national postal forum. it's a group of businesses and vendors associated with mail delivery or services and the conven
in here, san francisco, $450 is the damage limit for a felony, 400? phoenix or arizona it's a thousand. okay. it used to be 250 years ago and they moved it up to a thousand. so, it's a little bit harder for us to get -- if i got him down to $97 0 in damage, i almost got him. [laughter] >> but this is the way we started, though. ultra was my very first big case instead of doing these little tagers every so often. you guys investigating graffiti crimes, you see a tager come across. once in a while, what the hell is this, ultra again? ultra again? * this is how we started. * tagger look at different things on facebook. i don't know if you guys can see all the paint cans. it's got a couple assault rifles in there. graffiti is just -- graffiti -- those guys aren't that bad. we're seeing a lot of -- in the state of -- in the city of phoenix, not the state of arizona, but the city of phoenix, we don't recognize tagging crews yet as gangses. they don't filth our criteria for dealing that. but if you look at it, they do. i can prove to you that it's the same stuff as when when you document a g
in san francisco, this wonderful exhibit of safe enough to stay. and this is an example of what your home might be like after an earthquake. and we have today with us ben latimer from tvan. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> we'll talk about things you can do you don't have to be a professional contractor to make your home more livable after an earthquake. >> i want to talk about things a homeowner can do. we have comfort and we have things like a little bit of maybe safety if your front door is ajar and waterproofing if you have a leak in your roof, or if you have broken glass on the window. >> so unr, one of the most important fib use is keeping outside out and inside in. let's look at windows. >> let's assume this window is broken in the earthquake. we have wind and rain blowing in. one of the most important things you need to do as a homeowner is secure the plastic properly. if you just take staples or nails and put them into the plastic, we're going to get a strong wind and rip it right off. what i'm going to have somebody do is they're going to have -- this is an old piece o
proud to play it, we are from san francisco. we are going to play that piece no matter where we are. >> you guys have some good lunch? always the worst to try to do a presentation after lung. : we'll try to make it through it. before we get started i'm supposed to make sure if you have a question, we have to use this microphone here. so, you have to wait till you get the microphone in front of you to ask a question he. * lunch that's the purpose for the audio and stuff. today we're going to talk about -- basically this is what i want to do here. i've been a detective for about six years now and been with the police department 15 years. prior to that i was in the united states army, military police corps. any [speaker not understood] here? just one? prior to that when i went to college i was always looking at graffiti. i'm originally from wisconsin and there's a lot of gang graffiti back when i was growing up. i was interested in looking at it and seeing the messages that were up there. when i got into the phoenix police department, i worked four years on the road and then i started
, about five degrees warmer than yesterday, 6 in san jose, 60 in san francisco. santa cruz not bad 63 degrees. tonight set the clocks ahead one hour, daylight savings time begins tomorrow. no chance of rain all week long. have a great weekend. >> that's your latest forecast. erica? >> all right. thanks. >>> we are talking weather. when it comes to predicting the path of the biggest storms, the super computers in europe seem to have ours beat. why the difference? al roker takes a look. >> reporter: they were dire warnings that shut down the nation's capital. >> our biggest snowfall in two years. can you believe it? >> reporter: forecasters promising washington's worst storm in two years. but that didn't happen. >> the question is, tom, do we need the push broom or the great, big shovel out here? we don't need either. >> reporter: the weather channel's jim cantore, known best for braving water like this -- >> hold on to the camera, brad -- >> reporter: was left in the snowless capital. >> no snow anywhere to be found. >> reporter: cliff mass is an atmospheric science professor at the un
san francisco. >> reporter: car officers saw the vehicle not knowing it was in a pursuit. they pulled over jumped out of a car however the driver was carrying a gun and the officers caught up with them this suspect. the driver of the vehicle died in the passenger is in custody this morning. later this week the santa cruz community will look at another officer that fell. they think this woman at terisa johnson police want to know more information about him. tomorrow for butler and a pearl be held this coming thursday set at march 7th and will be held at a speed pavilion in san jose. it's expected to be a large turnout. a mechanical problem on a plan leads to an emergency landing at san francisco international airport. officials to united airlines flight was flying from vancouver set canada saturday afternoon when brown started with the hydraulics the plane was carrying hundred and seven passengers managed to land safely. they are competing in the escape from alcatraz triathlon. we talked to two competitors this morning about what it takes to get ready. next line i want to stay as warm
] that was tough. that was tough. people in san francisco haven't been this disappointed since "sex and the city" went off the air. there're so disappointed. [ laughter ] well, congratulations to coach harbaugh. congratulations to him and -- to coach harbaugh, better luck next time. okay, so -- [ laughter ] [ applause ] and, of course, everybody's talking about the real winner
with the speakers on stage. and i'd like to introduce jim merkasio with the san francisco graffiti advisory board. he will be the phil donahue. i hand you the microphone. >> i'll hold onto it. i believe the way we're planning to do this, we have some written questions that we will be reading off and the panel will be answering them. i'll also be taking questions from the audience. so, if anybody has a question, feel free to raise your hand. allow me to have time to get over there to get to you. should we start off with a red question or a question from the audience? >> i can read one. >> okay. >> okay. and some of these questions on the list -- is the mic on? okay. some of the questions are directed toward a specific speaker, others aren't. so, if it's directed toward a specific speaker, i'll ask you. if not, just whoever can answer it, start answering it. this is a general question. so, it's not geared toward any particular speaker. so if anyone feels like chiming in, that would be great. how do you go about securing funding for the various graffiti programs? do you use grants, tax assessments,
, guys. this small, little door has opened up imaginations in a big way out in san francisco. there are still plenty of questions about exactly where it came from, but for right now visitors at this park are just letting themselves get caught up in the fun of it all. ♪ they can lead to a wonderland. >> i simply must get through. >> reporter: to a candy coated fantasy. ♪ in a world of pure imagination ♪ >> reporter: or more simply, just to a good old-fashioned cookie. >> hey, ernie. >> reporter: it's that same sense of whimsy and magic that -- >> it's a door. >> reporter: -- now have all eyes on this door in golden gate park in san francisco. >> i think it's fun for everyone to believe in a little magic. >> reporter: nobody knows exactly how or why the tiny wooden door came to be at the base of this elm tree, but for visitors the door to their imagination is certainly wide open. some leave notes. >> do you really exist? >> reporter: others fantasize about the world on the door's other side. >> maybe multiple elves could fit in there. >> i think it might have been fairies
spanning over san francisco. you can see the palace of fine arts in your lower left-hand corner. a brisk start to your thursday, march 7th. this is "today in the bay." >> ladies and gentlemen, look who is back next to me. she's here. good morning, everybody. it's 4:30. i'm jon kelley. we know who you are. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. i am happy to be back. thanks so much. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. i haven't seen you for a while either. >> welcome back, laura. we need laura today because we have a big show for you. this morning we do have showers on the radar. nothing really worth showing you. santa rosa getting a stray shower or two. there's a lot more rain on the way. we're also expecting strong thunderstorms in the bay area. this morning, grab your coat. 36 degrees in santa rosa. 36 in napa. 43 in sunnyvale. we have a chance for low level snow yet again. potentially a mix down to 500 feet. we're notee
of stealing evidence >>> we take it outside live over san francisco. that is your bay bridge dancing in the darkness. the good news, ladies and gentlemen, it is friday. i'll say it one more time. friday, march 15th. this is "today in the bay." >>> always an added jolt of energy on fridays. it is 4:31. good morning. i'm jon kelly. >>> i'm laura garcia cannon. let's first check the forecast with christina. good morning. >>> good morning, jon and laura. happy, happy friday. temperatures nice and mild. 40s, 50s, no 30s to report. the good news is, we have a great looking st. patrick's day weekend coming up. i will have your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. first, want to check the drive on a friday with mike inouye. >>> we are looking at fremont and 880. we have one east bay incident to talk about. it is a significant alert. get to the maps to show you the same area. it is not the fremont funnel. that is fine. the sinol is just fine. as you are approaching airway, the reports of a big rig blocking three lanes of your freeway. we just got the update.
to be pushing in and that storm is going to be bringing a lot of rain from it. from san francisco to los angeles, we expect to see anywhere from about a half an inch to an ench of rain, so that's going to cause some problems. then as we make our way as far as the winter part of the system, the wasatch, sierra could be looking up to a foot to two feet of snow. and we're even looking at a pretty good snowstorm in flagstaff, arizona. they could pick up 6 to 9 inches of snow in the next 48 hours. to the west of denver, upwards of 2 feet of snow working its way in. today, though, here's what we've got. showers in salt lake and a temperature of 47. phoenix, gorgeous day. plenty of sunshine. billings, montana, sunny and 51. denver is at 60 degrees right now. then in the next 48 hours, they will be in the midst of a very big snowstorm. medford looking at clouds and a temperature of about 30. we'll get to your local forecast right after this message. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because plane
in san francisco. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, bill. in this high-tech age house calls are making a big comeback. a growing number of entrepreneurs earning extra income taking their business on the road, in most cases offering competitive prices and convenes. why go to the barber shop, when for about $30 a trim the barber will come to you. >> knowing somebody i'm helping somebody out that can't make it to salon makes me happy. >> reporter: the business is serving clients right where they live and while mobile merchants enjoy lower overhead and greater flexibility. >> not at a fixed location. look at results as they come in week by week and adjust where you get the most business. so the flexibility is really valuable. >> reporter: from pet groomers to mobile gyms, entire industry will come to you. rolling video arcades will entertain gamers right in the driveway. and mobile mechanics will fix your car at your garage, a fixed hourly rate generally lower than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. there are some limitations. >> we don't do everything, obviously. will not rep
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boston... then san francisco. hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so our hotels were half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ a brand new start. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. >> bill: hume zone segment tonight. speaking at cpac on saturday, sarah palin said this. >> the last thing we need is quawgd g washington, d.c. vetting our candidates. the architect can head on back to. [ laughter ] >> head on back to the great lone star state and put their name on some ballot. >> i would say if i did run for office and win, i would serve out my term. i wouldn't leave office in midterm. >> bill: oh. mr. rove referring to governor palin resigning as governor of alaska in 2009. obviously no love lost there. joining us now from miami,
tours of the white house resume. >>> born in 1936, the bay bridge, which connects san francisco and oakland, has always been considered kind of a drab, industrial-looking cousin to the golden gate. well, tonight, it takes on a new personality, thanks to a kind of l.e.d. artwork project. we got to see a test of it. that will bathe the bridge in light starting now and for the next two years. absolutely beautiful. >>> and jon stewart is stepping away from the "daily show," not forever, but four months while he goes overseas to direct a film, called "rosewater," based on a screenplay he wrote. john oliver will cover while stewart is gone, provided viewers can understand his thick british accent. this proves once and for all what jon really wanted to do was direct. >>> up next here tonight, a wounded warrior, battling back, setting his sights on the big leagues. >>> as baseball fans know, spring training is under way with a lot of hopes and dreams and contracts on the line. this spring, one of the players on one of the fields stands out because of his injuries, also because of the pu
sanchez, and say you get sewer down here in san francisco. you could type in that search and say, oh, he was -- there was a sewer that was arrested in phoenix, arizona on such time and date and the detective that arrested him. you can call that detective and say, hey, did you have a sewer there, yep, ricardo sanchez, really? you can match up things that way. they do travel. [speaker not understood]. when i went through his facebook he had a ton of pictures from california. and all we did is call out here, hey, do you remember this? unfortunately it's kind of hard to figure out where it was and he wouldn't tell me the california one for some reason. but it works, a big thing. the other thing that they do with graffiti tracker that like about is they give you the activities. a lot of the officers on the street now, they're like, hey, who is big in my area? you have this area up here it says all regions. * right there. you go in that all region, you can go into -- we have nine different precincts. you hit central precinct, boom it pops up. it tells you the last 30 days, last 90 daresctiont
the east bay hills, emeryville, and san francisco and how today is going to be warmer-than-average but for redwood city city at 67. san francisco, napa and san jose and livermore and oakland, two to five degrees warmer than we should be topping out with 70's inland and 60's around the bay and a lost 50's along the coast where the >>> you're looking at the star wrestler they call the masterpiece in the ring. chris plasters, he now deserves a new nickname now, superhero. seen with abbie boudreau there. he bear hugged a tree pushing it down and all to use it as a battering ram to get into a burning home and so save his mother. an impossible story only it actually happened. we'll hear from him in an abc news exclusive. that is just ahead as we bid you all a good friday morning. robin and george, well-deserved time off. great to have elizabeth and paula here. >> you hear about those mothers being able to lift cars off children because the things you can do to save somebody you love, that adrenaline although he -- >> that's a lot of adrenaline. >> adrenaline and muscles, rig
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